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Times Change
What's going on on this web site? Not an incredible lot has happened on those pages in the last, uh, 18 months (actually, nothing has happened). I'm going to try to improve this and to publish a little blurb every now and then.

Times change. Back then, I was working at Be, still trying to maintain some sort of illusion that there was a future for BeOS. I'm now working in a big company which has its software in the hands of hundreds of millions of users, a huge majority of which couldn't care less.

Times change. Be was all (or almost) about fun, about working in a company where there was a pretty close match between what the engineers wanted to work on and what they needed to work on. Now, I'm living in a land where customers file super-critical bugs 3 weeks before a release date because they want some new feature... which they'll want removed 2 weeks later because they don't like the way it looks on the beta. I'm living in a land where standards are great because there are so many you can violate that you'd want to call that a gang bang.

Times change. I got married. I have a wonderful little wife. I have a life (well, almost). I am often bored to death. I'm losing my C++ coding skills. I miss the ability to hack together a little piece of code and make it available instantly to the end-users of the product I work on - because you can't write code for those devices, and because what we develop is way too far ahead of the reality of the market. In the BeOS world, that'd be like writing code for Preview Release when you're putting the finishing touches on R4.5.2. In a slower industry, that'd be writing C code for Windows 3.1 when you could be writing C# for Windows XP.

[changed May 23rd] It was unclear to some people that nothing had been happening on this web site, possibly because my life has been very well filled in the last 18 months...
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